Core Data Path (CDP) team of Serbia

Core Data Path (CDP) is one of the first teams established in Belgrade after Frame’s acquisition. Currently, a team of six engineers works mostly on Stargate – one of the core components in the CDP stack.

Blockstore and more

The CDP is responsible for all data management and I/O operations and has one job – to move data. The Belgrade team covers various projects like erasure coding, sharding, and data snapshots.

Blockstore is the main project that the Belgrade CDP team is working on. As storage devices become faster and faster, the overhead of doing system calls to the kernel and looking up the ext4 file system metadata has become more significant. With new storage devices and user space libraries, we can access devices directly eliminating the need for system calls. Since Stargate is managing its own metadata in Cassandra and bypassing system calls, the ext4 file system has a huge potential for performance improvements.

Our team works closely with teams from San Jose, Durham and Bangalore.