Nutanix. Made in Serbia.

After the acquisition of Frame in 2018, Serbia became the main development hub for Nutanix in Europe.

Our goal is to be the most attractive option for engineering talent in Serbia and to continue to build and support the key components of Nutanix in Belgrade and Niš.

Frame team

In 2013, a small team of Serbian entrepreneurs and engineers created Frame, a new platform for delivering desktop apps from the cloud. The product and the team were growing, steadily winning business with enterprise customers around the world. Nutanix acquired Frame in the summer of 2018. Today, the Frame team in Serbia works on servicing our global customers, while integrating the product tightly with the rest of th Nutanix portfolio.

Core Data Path (CDP) team

Core Data Path (CDP) is the first new team established in Belgrade after Frame’s acquisition. Currently, our CDP team works mostly on Stargate – one of the core components of the Nutanix Acropolis Operating System (AOS).

Corporate IT team

This Serbia-based team is the frontline for support requests from Nutants around the world. They process tickets and act as a single point of contact for internal customers on escalations to the appropriate level. This team performs initial triage, diagnosis, and troubleshooting, proactively notifying customers of all incidents within SLA guidelines. They are responsible for building and operating the infrastructure and data centers that power Nutanix worldwide. 

Also, the Corporate IT team performs day-to-day monitoring of information security events. They work as intrusion analysts, by examining security events for context, appropriateness, and criticality. The team also implements processes for subtle event detection and conducts in-depth analysis of security anomalies.

Professional Services and Customer Success team — Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence for customer success and professional services was established in Belgrade with the goal of supporting a number of functions within the global Customer Success Organization. The team provides project delivery, resource management, sales of professional services, coordination of partner training, and graphic design. The latest service that the team added is the role of Associate Technical Account Manager. The team has grown quickly since its inception less than six months ago and is still expanding rapidly to support Nutanix’s EMEA operations.

“We have a good opportunity to grow the Belgrade site faster than many other locations.”

Manosiz (Mano) Bhattacharyy, SVP Technology and Head of the Core Data Path (CDP) team