Mano’s visit to Serbia: “We will grow this faster than other locations.”


Last Monday was one of the coolest days this year, because we got a visit from Manosiz (Mano) Bhattacharyy, SVP Technology and Head of the Core Data Path (CDP) team. He visited our Belgrade office on October 14th 2019.

Mano is one of the pioneers of Nutanix. He has been with the company for nine years, so his visit was great for getting context and history from people who built Nutanix. With the  CDP team growing quickly in Belgrade, a visit from the executives at the HQ carried additional importance for the members of this team.

Mano used the chance to share his experience and offer valuable advice on challenges he faced over the course of his career. When he was starting, there were less than several dozens of employees  — all the way up to today when Nutanix employs over five thousand “Nutants” around the world.

In addition to meeting the team at the office, Mano had a chance to get to know the city better. Being a history geek, he was very interested in Serbian historical monuments. In the evening, the team had a dinner at the famous bohemian quarter Skadarlija, known as “The Montmartre of Belgrade”.

Check out the video above to hear Mano’s message to the team in Serbia and why he believes that Nutanix can grow faster in Belgrade than in other locations, or scroll down for more pictures.